Parent Teacher Assosiation and Class Reps

Parent Teacher Association / Friends of Oriel

If you would like to become an active member of the PTA Committee please contact the school office who will then pass your details on to the chair of the Parent teachers Association.

Our PTA fund raising this year will be directed at improving the school playground.  Ultimately we would like to purchase fixed goals and basketball nets for the junior playground as well as a new climbing equipment on the infant playground.


Class Representatives

Over the last two years we have made significant changes to the school to try to make the school more open and approachable, to make the school more responsive to the views and needs of the community. As part of this process we have been working hard to improve home school links and to promote the levels of parental involvement in the work of the school. Last year I made an appeal for parents to come forward to be 'class reps', at the time there was very little response. I would like to make this appeal again.

I would like each class to have at least one class representative. The main role of the class rep would be to help with communications, to provide support to their class's teacher and to help facilitate communication between parents and teachers as regards non confidential information. To help fosters positive, friendly relationships among parents and teachers.

It would also be the class rep's role to help the teacher to actively encourage other parents to become involved with the class and in the life of the school. To help in communicating with parents, the class rep might for instance help to:

  • Make contact with new parents and welcome them to the school;
  • Help to find volunteers to help with trips, special class projects or to help in class;
  • To listen to parents views and communicate with the class teacher.

If you feel you fit the bill or that you could help, would you please speak to your class teacher or talk to me. In case this does not produce the hoped for result (as I know many of you are shy and don't like putting yourself forward) I will also be asking staff to approach likely candidates to ask you if you would be interested in helping out as class reps.