About our curriculum

Our curriculum is a blend of the National Curriculum (2014) and our Aspirations Philosophy.

Each half term the curriculum is taught through a cross curricular theme based around one of the 8 Aspirations Conditions and designed to cover the National Curriculum.

The conditions 'Confidence to Take Action' and 'Leadership and Responsibility' are woven through every unit of work. 

Through a blend of thematic study and discrete subject teaching our pupils cover all of the National curriculum subjects:

English, Mathematics, Science, Art and design,  Citizenship,  Computing, Design and technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music, Physical education

Underpinning our whole curriculum is a very strong English and Maths focus designed to support success in other subjects. Maths and English lessons are taught discreetly every day. 

At Oriel Academy we aim to develop a positive attitude towards maths by ensuring that it is a dynamic, interesting and attractive subject in which all children feel secure and gain both pleasure and success.

Both KS1 and KS2 teachers work from the New National Curriculum and Reception and Nursery teachers work from the Early Years Foundation Stage document.

Our curriculum encourages every child to have a dream and we see it as our responsibility to aid them in achieving these dreams. 

British Values and Modern Britain
Central to our curriculum are Citizenship and PSHE and working to keep our children safe and ensuring that we prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain, this  could not be more important.

We promote through our Aspirations Curriculum British values. The values of:

  • democracy (through our school council up to understanding Britain as a democratic country);
  • the rule of law (from class and school rules, to our place in the community, to British law);
  • individual liberty (promoting rights and responsibility in all we do, standing up to bullying);
  • mutual respect (Belonging - learning to understand each others points of view);
  • tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs (from celebrating the diversity of our community to looking at modern Britain, our place in Europe and the wider world);

E-Saftey (including Cyber Bullying) 
This is covered as part of every Computing Unit of work and through PSHE throughout the year. We hold a number of Parents Workshops / presentation on Online Safety and provide materials online for parents (see the e-safety section of this website). Special events like e-safety week and Friendship Week (anti-Bullying) include a large e-safety focus. E-safety assemblies are are a regular feature of our year. 

As part of the Aspirations Academies Trust we believe that our curriculum should reflect pupils’ abilities, interests and needs. To reflect this, our pupils are involved in helping to shape the units of work that they are studying by setting out key questions for topics. We give them the opportunity to guide us with their interests and at the same time, we ensure that they are offered a broad and balanced curriculum. This individualised approach enables all pupils to feel engaged and excited about their learning and encourages them to strive to be the best.

No pupils is allowed to fall behind and this is reflected in our high end of Key Stage Results.  For some pupils, this requires extra support in their learning and this is offered on a regular basis by highly trained staff.

As part of their learning journey, pupils are expected to complete Home Learning activities related to their classroom experiences. This is in the form of English and Maths work but also includes an extended study each term related to the topic at the time or to upcoming topics. Pupils love having the responsibility that this entails and it is a great way for parents/carers to get more involved in their learning too. Click Here to see our Home Learning Policy.

We have opportunities for our more able pupils to take part in workshops with other pupils from other local primaries or sessions run by teachers from Rivers Academy.  Throughout the year specialist teachers from Rives Academy teach specialist lessons for our pupils and offer lessons taught at Rivers Academy in purpose built rooms such as science labs, gyms and design technology workshops.

Each half term staff will send out a detail of the content of the curriculum for the next half term and information on how you can support your child’s learning.

The chart attached below shows the structure of our curriculum, this will change over the next few weeks and months as we refine our curriculum.  Further information about the work your child is covering can be found on the individual year group pages.

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Whole School Curriculum Overview 14th March 20162 MB  Download
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