Beyond the Curriculum

We offer a wide range of activities to enrich our pupils’ education and to prepare them for secondary school and beyond.

Many of these activities are carried out in partnership with other schools or organisations

The Choir and Musical Instrument Lessons
We work with local musicians and the Hounslow Music Service to offer a range of high quality peripatetic music lessons and a school choir.  

We work closely with other schools to provide opportunities to develop as musician and performers. For instance Music Workshop Day for instrumentalists and singers at Hampton School. 

Our musicians and singers perform regularly in assemblies and festivals in London. Most recently performing at the London Summer Singing Festival, Rivers Fest, at the Festival Hall and the O2. Two years ago one of our violin players was awarded a Mayors Scholarship! 

SHINE - Serious Fun on Saturdays
Run in Partnership with The Lady Elenor Hollis School and Hampton Boys (by invitation)

SHINE on Saturdays combines hands-on, exciting learning with outside trips and creative lessons that expand and enrich the national curriculum. And behind the fun, there is a clear focus on improving attainment and raising aspirations. It is targeted at 5 of more able girls and 5 more able boys in Year 5.

The projects are rigorous and well-resourced to provide students with high-quality learning experiences that complement and enrich the core curriculum in an accessible, engaging way, participation raises confidence and really benefits our pupils.

For more infomation visit SHINE


Challenge the Gap
This is a scheme targetted at children in Year 4. We work with Feltham Community College and two other local primaries to target support and resources at identified pupils to improve their Maths, English, Reading and Writing. We are in our second year as a CtG school and have seen really amazing results from the pupils involved in the project.


Explorers is offered to a specially selected groups of students from Oak Hill Academy, Oriel Academy, Edward Pauling School and Rivers Academy (4 students from each school or academy). It is aimed at high ability pupils with the potential to aim even higher. The students selected must have excellent behaviour and attendance.

Explorers is designed specifically to challenge and stretch pupils thinking through the delivery of a highly imaginative and creative curriculum.  A curriculum that covers a number of different subjects with a huge emphasis on independent learning and thinking.

Explorers takes a project-based approach to learning a number of different subjects - each session has a particular focus, such as science, maths, drama but pupils are expected to apply skills and knowledge from other areas of the curriculum during every session. Pupils are required to do homework every week and are given a very challenging reading book to take home. The book forms part of their learning and is used in sessions.

Explorers takes place at Rivers Academy and uses all of Rivers’ specialist facilities. The sessions are delivered by teachers from all 4 schools with all types of specialisms and a track record of outstanding teaching.


Rivers Readers
This is a mentoring program that takes place between targeted boys from Year 4 and Year 7 and 8 boys from Rivers. Each week the older buddies are bussed to Oriel for an afterschool reading session. The older boys talk to their buddies about their week, their work and set targets for behaviour and learning.  Our pupils develop a great relationship with the role models and we have seen improvements in reading levels, behaviour and attendance. For the older boys they are given training in coaching and mentoring.


Oriel Academy is a Private LAMDA Centre! We offer ‘Speech and Prose’ sessions and examinations. Last year 20 pupils received LAMDA accreditation.

The mission statement for LAMDA is very close to the values we hold at Oriel and what we aim to:

  • improve standards in communication through the spoken word
  • foster an appreciation of literature, poems and drama
  • acknowledge levels of achievement
  • support the creative, intellectual and social development of the individual as a whole.

LAMDA examinations are designed to equip learners, whatever their age or aspirations, with a range of skills that will serve them throughout life.

Preparation for an examination can:

  • unlock the imagination and creative-thinking
  • develop communication skills
  • refine technical skills and artistry
  • promote team-working.

The examinations themselves provide learners with an opportunity to:

  • measure progress against an international standard
  • make contact with expert practitioner examiners outside the immediate teaching environment
  • build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • acquire skill certification for career development
  • receive critical appraisal and guidance for future development.

Learners will:

• identify basic anatomy in relation to voice and speech production

• analyse how a healthy voice is produced

• recognise common breathing problems and faults in tone

• classify and describe consonant/vowel placement

• recognise faults in consonant placement and identify strategies for corrective procedure

For more information about the work of the Londaon Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts click here


Holiday Academy
For two days each break our Year 6 pupils are invited to take part in our holiday academy. They received highly focused English and Maths Lessons in the morning and the either sports coaching or art and craft sessions during the afternoon. About half of our year 6 pupils attend.


The Scrapstore PlayPod® is a holistic process that works with the entire school community to change both the human and physical play environment transforming play at lunchtimes.

We recognise that each school is unique. Our team of play professionals will work alongside you to enable a smooth transition to vibrant and dynamic playtimes. To find out more on research and development about the Scrapstore PlayPod®:

Playpods or Childrens Scrapstore

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