Visits & Journeys

Over the year each class undertakes one or two visits linked to their curriculum topic.  We ask parents to contribute towards these trips because we believe they offer real estra value to the curriculum.  However on occasions when levels of contribution are not high enough we do cancel visits.

We work to make all visits affordable and so we make as much use as we can of public transport, of London and our surrounding area.

We have regular visits to:

  • London Zoo
  • The Tower of London
  • Crane Park
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • Fishbourne Roman Villa
  • Bird World 
  • Churchil's War Room and The Blitz Experience
  • London Museums (Science, British, Natural History, V&A) and Galleries (Tate Modern and Britain and the National)
  • Year 3 Undertake a Sight seeing tour of our local area and central London
  • Hounslow Urban Farm
  • The Cinema 
  • The Orange Tree and Richmond Theatres
  • Rose Theatre Kingston
  • The Opera and Ballett 
  • We use climbing and sports facilities at Local secondary school
  • We take part in a range of fixtures and competions as part of our sporting year

We also invite theatre companies, speakers and special visitors into school to talk in assembly or to key year groups

Year 6 undertake a residential school Journey each year this builds confidence and team skills and helps prepare our pupils for secondary school. 


Year 6 School Journey to JCA 2014 - Diary


We arrived at school with our grownups excited and ready to go. After sorting out a few last minute things we got on board our coach.

Our families waved us off on our adventure and we set off down the motorway.

We stopped for our lunch and a run on the beach, it was a pebble beach so we could not build sand castles.

After lunch we arrived safely at JCA and got straight on with the fun.

Our first activity was snorkelling in the pool, lovely! Then we learnt how to juggle and spin plates!

Tea time was great loads of good food, plenty of chips (and salad).

Our rooms are very cosy and we're looking forward to climbing tomorrow!

Having a great time so far.



A good night, everyone behaved (we were woken up at 5.30am by another school being noisy upstairs but soon settled.

We've had a wonderful, sunny second day here on Hayling Island. Some of us are looking a little pink (Mr. Ellis and Mrs. Creasy) as it's been boiling hot all day!

For our first activity, we all had a go at rock climbing. It was so challenging but everyone did really well. Denim, Hollie, Kelly and Bethanie managed to reach the top!
After that we had a go at archery, which was pretty tricky too but good fun. Following this our team leaders organised a mini Olympics and lots of team games.
Swimming this evening (awesome fun!) followed by an early night (we hope!)
Wish you were all here!
Another good night, a couple of rooms slow to settle to sleep so they are yawning this morning!
We had raft building today, it was great fun. We had to build a raft and then float on it.  In the afternoon we got very wet again as we were on the lake in canoes... further down this page you can find a film of us on the lake.
We are all getting on really well and everyones behaviour is good.
Another great day! Really muddy start on the sensory assault  course. Then a long walk down to the beach. Ice creams on the sea front, yummy. We  messed about by the sea and had paddle before heading back. Dinner and then disco. Every is really warn out but loving it.
Fencing! Mr Ellis said we would learn how to put a fence up, lay a patio and do brick laying. But no they gave us swords intesad!
All on the coach heading back for about 2 o'clock it has been aan amazing week!
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