School Watch

All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system.  This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified.  Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

School Watch Alerts:
SCHOOL: Isleworth Town Primary School
DATE/TIME: 16/7/19 1pm
LOCATION: Work experience boy from I&S mugged near Cinnamon Lounge on Twickenham Road Isleworth
Gender: Male, Age: 17-18, Skin Colour: 1 White, 1 Black, Shirt: White male-white t-shirt, Black Male - black t-shirt, Transport: Both on bicycles

A 15 year old male on work experience at the school was on his lunch break, 2 males on cycles approached him and asked for his mobile phone. He asked them not to take it, some people walking past intervened and the lad escaped and ran into school. He was punched in the face before he fled. Police were called and interviewed the boy.

SCHOOL: Springwest Academy, Browells Lane, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 1/7/19 On their way to school
LOCATION: Car Wash in Feltham Swimming Baths Car Park. Uxbridge Road, Hanworth, Feltham, Middlesex
Age: 20-30 ish, Build: All skinny, Skin colour: White, Hair: Shaved to the sides longer on the top, T/Shirt: Black, Trousers: Grey Joggers, Voice/Accent: Possibly Polish
Two of our students have been walking passed the car wash in the carpark to the swimming baths on their way to school; the young men working there have been looking the girls up and down, which the girls have ignored.  Just recently one or two of the men have started to whistle at the girls and yesterday as they walked passed one of the men said “Hey my babies” as the girls walked off  he started to wave at them.
They have informed their parents but not the police.
SCHOOL: Gumley House
DATE/TIME: 17.06.19
LOCATION: Twickenham Road, Isleworth 
Gender: Female -5, Age: 16+, Height: 5ft 4"+, Build: Medium, Skin: Mixed Race, Hair: Dark/Long, Glasses: 1 Girl, Jumper: Sweatshirts, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Casual

In the past 2 wks we have had 2 incidents where phones have been taken out of students hands on the Twickenham Rd, Isleworth, after 3.30pm. One student at bus stop on her phone – 2 boys on a bike took from her hand. Other incident, 5 girls (mixed race) in a group approached our students at bus stop and asked if they could make an emergency call. Phone taken out of hand.


SCHOOL: St Michael & St Martin 
DATE/TIME: 9 May 2019 at 4.15 pm
LOCATION: Sainsbury’s on the Wellington Road, Hounslow
Gender: Male, Age: 40's/50's, Height: 5ft 9", Build: Fat, Skin: Asian, Hair: Bald, Eyes: Brown, Jumper: Plain Grey, Trousers: Dark blue/black jeans, Shoes: White trainers, Voice Accent: Indian Accent, Bag: Black carry on bag on wheels
Man approached Year 6 female walking home from after school club called after her when she crossed the road.  He followed her and whispered to her ‘do you like my dick’.  When the girl turned around, he looked at her and repeated ‘do you like my dick’.  Female walked quickly away and he followed her.  He stopped and looked in his bag as if he was searching for something and then he crossed the road, but continued to follow on the opposite side of the road.  Pupil’s dad met her half way home and the man disappeared.
SCHOOL: Norwood Green Junior School
DATE/TIME:27/03/2019 at 15:45
LOCATION: Classroom and school site
Gender: Male, Skin Colour: Asian - quite dark skinned, Hair: Black/brown possibly curly, Facial Hair: Moustache, Age: Late teens, Height: 5"10"-11" approx, Build: Slim, Coat/Jacket: 3/4 length coat with a hood, black, Hat: Hood up on coat
Brief details of incident:
A man wearing a dark/black coat with the hood up and dark trousers was challenged in Norwood Green Junior School. He attempted to get into one classroom and was challenged then made as to go to the school office but walked around the outside of the building and tried to get into another classroom.  Was challenged by several members of staff, he did not respond to them and was on the phone permanently, then left the site.
SCHOOL: The Green School for Girls
DATE/TIME: 26/03.2019 17:15
LOCATION: School site, Entry made into School Building
Gender: Male, Age: Late 20's, Height: 5"10", Build: Medium, Skin: Light coloured black skin, Afro-Caribbean, Hat: Red Baseball, Hair: under cap, Eyes: Dark, Glasses: None, Shirt/Tie: Sweatshirt with motif, Coat: Black Leather type, Trousers: Jogging Bottoms, Shoes/Boots: Dark Blue Trainers, Bag: Carrying Grey Rucksack, Vehicle: Had Bike,
We had a male cycle onto the school site then enter the school building. He went in and out of classrooms and offices. He was challenged by two members of staff and said he was looking for the school caretaker but when directed to us he then left the site. He was approx 5' 10" dress in black trousers with white strips on the sides, black leather type jacket had a white area on the side of the jacket that was white with some sort of design on it. A back pack which was mainly grey with black on the lower part and a water bottle with a silver top in the outside left pocket. A red baseball cap. Short hair. Possible blue shoes with white edging. A grey coloured t-shirt/ sweet shirt with a large possible picture of a dog on it; mainly white face with black spots. He left on a black bike. He had light coloured black skin.
SCHOOL: St Mark's Catholic School
DATE/TIME: 11.02.19 8:20 ish am
LOCATION: Wellington Road North near St Michael and Martins primary school
Gender: Male, Height: Tall, Skin: Mixed Race, Hair: Black, Shirt/Tie: White / light top, Skirt/Trousers/Dress: Blue Jeans

Exposed himself to a year 7 student and asked her an inappropriate question before she ran off

SCHOOL: Green Dragon Primary
DATE/TIME: 21.01.19 8:45am
LOCATION: Haverfield Estate - outside Green Dragon School
Gender: Male, Age: 40's, Height: 5"6", Build: Slim, Skin: White- rough Complexion, Scruffy beard., Hat: Beanie, Coat: Black coat over the top of a blue puffer jacket.  Blue jacket had light blue strip across the top, Skirt/Trs: Dark Jeans, Shoes/Boots: Dark Trainers, VOICE/ACCENT: London accent, BAG/UMBRELLA/ITEMS: Ear piece in his ear and talking on a walkie-talkie. Massive black back pack that looked very heavy – two cans of dog food in the side pockets.

Man was outside school gates at school drop off time.  He approached a parent to ask for a cigarette.  He was on a walkie-talkie and was heard to say ‘I’m outside Green Dragon School now.’  A parent asked him what he was doing and he walked away.   He was later seen outside the local shop still talking on walkie-talkie

Police informed:  CAD Number:  1620 21.01.19

SCHOOL: St Pauls Road in Brentford
DATE/TIME: Thursday/ Friday 10th & 11th Jan
LOCATION: St Pauls Road in Brentford

A white male described as being in his 40s, with blue eyes and brown hair and wearing jeans, a balaclava outer area of eyes and mouth, was seen on a black bike and occasionally smoking. He went into St Pauls Road for a short period then followed a child crossing the road. He came near the child and did a wheelie on the bike and attempted to talk to the child. The child ignored him and ran across the road to friends. The man then cycles towards the school and down St Pauls Road.

The child explained that she also saw him on Thursday/ Friday last week however, he has continuously been in the same spot before and after school this week. The child explained that he looks at her as if he recognises her, he also looks at other children from the school and St Pauls.

SCHOOL: Bedfont
DATE/TIME: 10.01.2019 8.30
LOCATION: Northumberland Cresent

Black car with 2 men sitting in the car and watching people as they walked by. They had the window open a bit as a parent walked by one man said hello they walked on. They asked another parent who walks that way and they said the man had tried to to talk to them too but they just walked on.

School Watch Alerts:
SCHOOL: The William Hogarth
DATE/TIME: Over the last 4 weeks
LOCATION: Corner of Bennett Street, Chiswisk - One Road from School
Gender: Male, Age: Late 30's, Height: 5"8", Build: Average, Skin: White, Hat: Dark Bent Peaked Cap, Hood always up over cap, Coat: Light coloured jacket, Jumper: Hood under coat, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Baggy Tracksuit Bottoms (Dark), Shoes/Boots: White Trainers
Has on frequent occasions stood and watched a parent bringing children to school and is there at the end of the school day stood watching when they were collecting children. On one occasion they were aware that another man was stood at the other end of the street - (Large build, white approx 6 foot, Jacket & knitted grey beanie hat). They made contact as she approached by phone and followed her closely from behind towards her house. She made other residents entering aware and the men laughed turned and walked off. Parent felt they were more interested in children. Police informed and aware.
School Watch Alerts:
SCHOOL: Isleworth Town Primary School
DATE/TIME: 21/09/2018 8.40am
LOCATION: Twickenham Road, between Leisure centre & war memorial
Gender: Female, Age: not sure, Height: Short, Build: Obese, Skin: Asian/Mixed Race, Hair: Black in a Curly bun, Jumper: Colourful checked cardigan/ Long,  BAG/UMBRELLA/ITEMS: Walking stick and bag (did not need to use stick just carried it)
2 Y6 girls were walking to school, they were approaching the bus stop by the Isleworth Leisure Centre and a lady was at bus stop talking to a boy, the girls thought she was waiting for a bus. As they got closer, the woman starting pointing at them, then the lady started walking fast towards them. The girls then ran and the lady followed them, she was slower as she was quite large but short. She didn’t say anything to them but kept chasing them, they managed to lose her at Isleworth war memorial. The girls were a bit shook up by this experience and reported it to the Headteacher. Police have been informed.


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