School Watch

All the Schools in the area operate a School Watch system.  This means that if there is any suspicious activity in the local area, all schools will be notified.  Please note that we will display details here on our website when these notifications are received.

School Watch Alerts:
SCHOOL: Springwest Academy, Browells Lane, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 04/10/2019 Approx 19.30pm
LOCATION: Outside feltham Train Station
Gender: Male, Age: Approx 30-31 yrs, Height: Medium, Build: Average, Skin Colour: Mixed Race, Hair: Brown/black, frizzy, medium length, Eyes: Brown, T-Shirt: Green, Coat/Jacket: Green Hoodie, Trousers: Light blue jeans, Shoes/Boots: Adidas trainers, Voice/ Accent: Mixed Indian Accent.

After visiting the park our male student went to get his bus, the bus was full and the driver told everyone to get off.  The boy got off the bus and sat on the bench next to a guy, the guy kept asking what his name was so the student gave a false name, the guy then asked “where do you live, what school do you go to”, the boy covered up his badge on his blazer. The guy then grabbed his leg and pulled it closer to him, the boy pulled away, after about two minutes the guy stood up and grabbed the boy round the neck, no one at the stop helped the boy.  The boy ran from the Feltham Station to the next bus stop and has not seen this guy since.

The police were not informed.


SCHOOL: Cardinal Road Infant & Nursery School
DATE/TIME: 02/10/2019 10.45am
LOCATION: Leisurewest Complex Carpark

A group of children, Teachers and Parents were walking through the Leisurewest Complex car park.

They were approached by a group of 4 boys; (aged between 10 and 12 years old; and a dog from the Traveller Caravans. The 4 boys went to the front of the group and were trying to engage the Teacher and children in conversation and walking in between the children, disrupting them. The Teacher asked them to leave the children alone, the eldest boy ran between the children and called a child a derogatory name and tapped him on the head. Nobody was hurt but it was upsetting for the children.

The Safer Neighbourhood Police Team have been informed, phone calls have been made to Springwest Academy, Victoria Juniors and St Lawrences.


SCHOOL: Springwest Academy Browells Lane, Feltham
DATE/TIME: 5pm 30/09/2019
LOCATION: By Southville Junior School
Gender: Male x 2, Age: Approx 30 & 15/16, Height: 6ft & 5'10", Build: Slim, Skin Colour: Mixed Race, Hat: 1. Nike hat, 2. Bandana over facw, no hat.

The student was walking home from school.  One person on a moped kept passing him, the man on the moped got off and was with another person about 15/16 years old followed him. When he ran they ran after him.  When he met an adult he knew they stopped following him and went the other way.

The Police have been informed.

SCHOOL: St Mark’s Catholic School
DATE/TIME: 25/9 8.10am
LOCATION: Strafford Road, Hounslow


Gender: Male, Age: 45/50, Height: 5ft 6", Build: Well built, Skin: Olive, Hair: Very short/shaved, Coat: None even though cold and wet, Jumper: Blue T-Shirt, Trousers: Shorts


Year 8 student walking down Strafford Road – man waving at her from the main road, when she walked past he caught hold of her hand and walked with her talking about Iraq (his other hand on his heart) he let go when they reached the school but called that he would she her tomorrow and that he was going to the High Street.


SCHOOL: Chiswick School
DATE/TIME: Tues/Weds 17th -18th Sept 
LOCATION: Burlington lane and around the school perimeter
Gender: Male, Age: Varied 

5 men mugged 6th form students and took phones and wallets on Tuesday 17th Sept at 1.45pm

Wednesday 18th Sept@ 2 mopeds with 2 youths on each attempted to steal a phone from one of students despite increased police presence in area around school


SCHOOL: Sparrow Farm Junior School
DATE/TIME: 19/9/19/8.28am
LOCATION: Cygnet Avenue, Feltham
Gender: Male, Age: Late 20's, Height:5'8", Skin Colour: White, Hair: Blonde, Eyes: Brown, Shirt/Tie: Black T-Shirt with footballs, Skirt/Trs/Dress: Light Denium Jeans, Voice/Accent: Foreign Accent, Scars/Tattoos: Small black mole on lower right cheek

A Yr 6 child was walking to school from Cygnet Avenue at 8.29am when she saw a man on the opposite side of the road.
He crossed the road an approached her and offered her free candy to which she said no thank you
He carried on walking and then again asked her if she would like an apple.
Again she said no thank you and carried on walking.
He then crossed the road and walked off in the opposite direction.

Reported to the police


SCHOOL: Green Dragon Primary School
DATE/TIME: 17/09/19 @ 8am
LOCATION: Travel Lodge on the corner of North Road, Brentford
Gender: Male, Age: Early 30's, Skin: Mixed Race, Man was wearing a clown mask

Pupil got off the bus at the Travel Lodge.

The man was on the opposite side of the road and shouted “I’m going to get you”, and chased him.

He was wearing a killer clown mask.

Police were contacted immediately.


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