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Thoughts on E-Safety:
1) We have become increasingly aware of a number of pupils who are regularly playing (or watching friends and older siblings play) inappropriate games.
All games on the X-box, PS4, Wii or PC have a recognised rating system. This gives you information about what the game contains.
First the age banding tells you what ages the game is suitable for. Ask yourself should a child who is younger than 11 be playing games rated as 16 or 18?

You would not let your 11 year old watch a horror film rated 18 or a film rated 18 that contains violence or sex would you?

And yet many of our pupils are playing or watching games that contain just such material. At the bottom of this page you can find more information about games ratings or click here.
2) We know many children are using social media when 'officially' they are too young to sign up to the sites-we know because they tell us!
Lots of them say Mums and Dads have signed them up - sometimes years ago.
There's nothing illegal in that, but please keep in mind that if you signed your 8 year old up to Facebook five years ago, saying they were 13 years old-they now appear as an 18 year old on the site.
If an adult tries to groom your now 13 year old via social media, they will be able to argue that they thought they were talking to another adult. Remember to update their details, check their privacy settings and talk to them about which pictures they use for their profile, so they are safe online. Thank you.

My Aspirations Action Plan - MAAP

Aspirations Academies Trust


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Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations - QISA


Child Safety



ROSPA - Road Safety



Friendship and Anti-Bullying  
Dandelion is an original anti-bullying story by award-winning Digital Agency Protein One that encourages parents and children to discuss the issue of bullying. Dandelion does not offer a solution as bullying comes in many forms, yet Benjamin's story communicates the importance of keeping your confidence when those around you aim to destroy it.
(This film runs particularly well on an i-pad or tablet)
Daisy Chain
Daisy Chain is a beautifully put together anti-bullying animation, featuring the voice of Kate Winslet. It's simple so appropriate for the younger chn, but will also act as a great discussion point for the older chn too. It's only about 5mins long, enjoy.  
(The film can be found at the foot of the page)
Anti-Extremism amd Radicalisation  
Extremism is not a new topic in education, but recent events and legislation require schools to be fully apprised with this area. LGfL has created this resource in partnership with Sara Khan from counter-extremism and women's rights organisation Inspire. Sara's views are often sought by government and media; here she offers information, insights and advice to help schools and parents navigate this difficult area.
Educate Against Hate
This website gives parents, teachers and school leaders practical advice on protecting children from extremism and radicalisation




Aguide to e-safety for parents: 

Who is hosting this site?

BBC Bite Size - E-Safety 




UK Safer Internet Centre



Helping Parents To Keep Their Children Safer Online 



A Parents Guide to facebook


Kid Smart

Lee and Kim






Online Safety Information 

for Parents, for children and young people

Child Online Safety: A practical guide for parents and carers whose children are using social media


Online Safety Agency A nice little guide to internet safety for parent published by Premierchoice an internet provider.





Resources for Parrents





Social Media Reviews 
A site that has reviews and ratings on all of the popular social media sites and apps that kids are using. Parents share how appropiate each site is (by age), features on the site that pose risks for kids and safety advice.                     

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