Prefects and Aspirations Heroes (Student Council)


Year 6 is not only a year of hard work and successful learning, it is also a year of responsibility. For the school to run smoothly we rely on Year 6 children to take on different prefect roles and complete certain duties.

All prefects have to apply for the role and have to write a letter to make the case for why they think that they would be suitable prefects. 

They volunteer because they feel they have the skills and qualities needed to be role models to the rest of the school in terms of their behaviour, appearances, attitude and willingness to always try hard.  They work to embody the 3 Guiding Principles and 8 Conditions of the Aspirations Academies Trust.

Prefects at Oriel Academy are chosen by the Principal and are expected to set a good example and to carry out their duties sensibly and reliably.

Some of the important roles which our prefects undertake are listed below:

  • to work with the Headteacher and staff to promote good behaviour, manners and politeness;
  • to uphold the the 3 Guiding Principles and 8 Conditions of the Aspirations Academies Trust;
  • to model honesty, respect, fairness, service and inclusiveness;
  • to work to prevent and report bullying and discrimination;
  • to act as friends and buddies for those who need support;
  • to assist in helping the school to run smoothly and effectively;
  • to support the dinner staff and all who work in the school for the benefit of the children;
  • to act as additional pairs of eyes at break times and lunchtimes and to report to staff serious misbehaviour;
  • delivering the registers to the classes for registration;
  • Year 2 and 3 reading mentors;
  • library monitors;
  • door and corridor monitors;
  • delivering milk and fruit to classrooms and the playground
  • acting as wet break monitors;
  • assisting the staff at lunchtime - particularly the office staff!
  • to carry out other tasks and jobs as may be directed from time to time by staff;
  • Prefects help to prepare the hall for assembly.


Prefects work in groups or pairs to support each other.

Prefects represent the school and its values and may be asked to attend some public events.

Prefects understand that they can be replaced if, in the judgement of the Headteacher and staff, they are not fulfilling their roles effectively and in accordance with this job description and outline of duties. 

Thank you for volunteering to be a prefect at Oriel.

Head Boy and Head Girl


At Oriel we have a Head Girl and a Head Boy (and deputies for each post).  They apply for the post and have to go through a rigorous interview process and work with the Principal to represent and improve the school. 

A summary of the main responsibilities and tasks are -Representing the school at certain events (including making speeches), helping to manage the prefects, showing visitors around, meeting with school council, reporting to Governors acting as a role model at all times.  



  • You will jointly chair Aspirations Heroes Meetings (the School Council).
  • You will make sure that student voice is represented in key decisions and developments within Oriel.
  • You will represent Oriel academy and student body at a variety of public functions during the year, including parents’ evenings.
  • You need to feel confident and comfortable talking to and in front of both adults and students.
  • You need to have good organisational and communication skills and have a mature and thoughtful outlook.


Reporting to

  • The Principal for whole-school matters
  • The Vice Principals.
  • The Pupil Voice coordinator for school council matters.


Main Duties

  • To help organise and plan regular meetings with the Aspirations Heroes and ensure that decisions are carried out. To visit all Class Councils each term to talk about the main issues effecting the school.
  • To represent and speak for all students in Oriel.
  • To be internal and external ambassadors for the school and to act as role models for all students.
  • To give key presentations about the school, for example to prospective parents and students. 
  • To greet important visitors.
  • To be involved in assemblies.
  • To report to the Senior Leadership Team every half term.
  • To attend one Governor’s meeting and report on how student voice has had an impact on the school’s planning.

Additional Duties

  • Charity and fund-raising events
  • Any other duties that may be reasonably called upon to undertake by Senior Members of staff.

Personal Qualities

  • Reflect the qualities which Oriel represents
  • Work well in a team
  • Time-management and very good organisational skills
  • Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to parents and staff
  • Ability to talk confidently and appropriately to students
  • Willingness to get to know the students in the lower years
  • Politeness
  • Maturity
  • Clear judgement
  • Responsibility
  • Reliability


  • All current Year 6 students who meet the criteria are eligible to stand


If you wish to run for head student you must provide the following:

  • A completed Prefect nomination form signed by two members of staff and one of your parents;
  • A formal letter of application, addressed to the Headteacher, which covers the following points explaining why you believe you will make a good head girl/boy (please limit this to one side of A4):
  • How you have to supported the ethos of Oriel so far in your time with us;
  • How you will continue to support the ethos of Oriel;
  • The specific contributions you will make to the life of Oriel;
  • Your personal qualities;
  • Your style of leadership;
  • How you will promote yourself as a positive role model for peers and younger students.

Please give specific examples of achievements which demonstrate these qualities.

 Application forms should be submitted to Mrs Linney by the end of the day on Friday 8th September 2017.

Applicants who have been successful at the shortlisting stage will be invited to interview with members of the School Council, Governors and representatives of the Senior Leadership Team in the week beginning 11th September 2017.

Report on Academic Year 2016_17

Head Boy James Liggitt

Head Girl Shazia Khatun

Our prefect play a hugely important role in life at Oriel. The are role models to our other students and carry out a large number of functions including organising and setting up assemblies, delivering letter, fruit and milk, being responsible for the library and reading books. They support in classes during wet play organising games for the younger children.

They also meet and greet visitors, give tours of the school and are responsible for carrying out a survey of parents views each term. They act as the official meet and greet tam for parents evenings and events in the school.

They are ambassadors for the school.  Year 6 pupils have to apply to be prefects and only the best are appointed. 

Aspiration Heroes

In September, all classes from Year 1 to Year 6 held an election, to elect their Aspiration Hero Representatives, two from each class.  There were 24 Aspiration Heroes altogether, our photographs are on display outside Mrs Linney’s office.

As Aspiration Heroes our focus is to ensure that all our friends in all of our classes, feel safe and secure in our school.   We have surveyed everyone in school this term to see if our drive on improving the safety of our friends is working!

We have fantastic results to report!   An overwhelming majority of our school friends feel safe in their classroom (98%) and in the dinner hall (99%).   A large majority of our friends feel safe in the corridors (95%) the toilets (91%), the playground (95%), and in the ICT Suite (96%).  We are sure you will agree with us that our school is a very safe place to be!   We are absolutely delighted with the results as this means that children are happy and this means they can learn.

We are working together with our school community, to ensure that the small minority of our friends, who have issues with various areas in our school, have had their issues dealt with and our target is to reach 100% in every area! The Aspiration Heroes scrutinised the surveys and because they were grouped into year groups and named, we have been able to talk about the issues within our individual classes, and discuss various solutions.   We are hoping that when the children are next surveyed in the Spring term that we will be closing the gap and reaching our aspirational target of 100%! 

If you would like to know more about Aspiration Heroes or would like to propose an idea, fundraising event or ask a question, please do we will be pleased to help.   






































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