Who do I contact if I have a concern?

To talk about your child's progress or to give us important information please speak in the first instance to their class teacher, if your expectation is not met or the matter is serious contact the Principal - Mrs Linney. 

For full details of each member of staff and their responsibilities please check out our Staff List to email a member of staff just click on their name and this will go to the office inbox where it will be directed to the correct teacher.

Who's Who:

The Office Team

  • General Enquiries
  • General Admin Questions
  • Admissions
  • Information about the school day
  • Reporting absences (use the quick link to email us)
  • Trips and Visits


The Business Manager

  • Business Enquiries
  • Payments
  • Hardship
  • Finance

Special Needs or Child Protection

  • The Inclusion Manager (Anna Birch) or the Principal (Aine Linney)
  • If it relates to e-safety or cyber bullying then you can also speak to Mr Jordan or Mrs Linney

Worried about a child's behaviour (including concerns about bullying in or out of school)

  • In the first instance speak to your child's class teacher
  • If your concern is not resolved quickly please speak to your child's Phase Leader
  • If the Phase Leader is unable to provide a solution to the problem then the Assistant Principal will become involved.
  • If the problem persists then the Vice Principal, Mrs Gusterson, will be informed and will bring the issue to a conclusion.
  • Only in extreme cases should Mrs Linney be required to become involved.   Please ensure that all steps are taken before you ask for an appointment to see her.

After School or Breakfast Club

  • Mrs Ellis via the school office


  •   Vice Principal - Miss Gusterson

Work Experience, Student Placements, Study Placements,

  • Assistant Principal - Mr Jordan


Please contact us at any time we will get back to you as quickly as we can.